After teasing us last week with a countdown timer on their website, Pebble has finally shown us the newest model in the Pebble Smartwatch family. It boasts an impressive set of new features, while still maintaining a 7 day battery life and not losing any of the features that made the original Pebble so amazing to begin with.

The most significant and obvious feature is the move to a 64 color display. While it’s still compatible with current Pebble apps, it also opens the doors to new possibilities. Because the new display is e-paper, it is bright and clear even in sunlight and just as important, easy on the battery.

The other major feature is a new UI called the Timeline Interface, which allows you to scroll vertically through a timeline of all your activity. The top, middle and bottom buttons are mapped to the past, present and future respectively and let you move quickly through the timeline.

I was on Kickstarter as soon as they announced it and was able to snatch one of the Early Bird pledges, but the campaign was like a horde of pirahnas. Pebble reached its goal in 17 minutes and within hours had reached several million.

As soon as Pebble releases a new SDK I’ll begin work on a new version of WunderPebble, but until then, did anyone else manage to snag a Pebble Time?