Happy Valentine’s Day! To show some love for everyone who has used WunderPebble since it first launched, I’d like to introduce you to the new WunderPebble 1.0.

Using the new, but still in beta, Wunderlist API, WunderPebble can now do more than ever. See below for a list of new features and future work:

New Features

  • WunderPebble is now using the official Wunderlist API!
  • Lists and Tasks should now appear in the correct order.
  • Long press to mark a task as complete. Do it again and it will mark it incomplete.
  • Users concerned with privacy can rest easy. WunderPebble now uses Wunderlist’s OAuth2 authentication to log in. Users that use Facebook or Google to log in can now use WunderPebble.

Future Work

  • The Wunderlist API doesn’t make it easy to determine which lists are shared lists, so some may not have the shared list icon.
  • I would like to show the number of incomplete tasks for each list.
  • Possible redesign of task details page.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for new features.