Turn Handwriting Into a Font

Feb 20, 2010Reviews, Typography, Website

Your Fonts


Update: Font Capture has changed their name to Your Fonts and is now a paid service. I’m sure that they’ve upgraded their technology since I’ve used it and they allow you to preview your font before buying it for $9.95.

Typography is an important art that has made its way into many forms of design. One important principle of good typography is choosing the proper font for the task at hand. And while there are several great type foundries that make incredibly beautiful fonts, sometimes you just need a more personal touch.

Maybe you’re making a comic and you want to add the text digitally or you want to add a more authentic look to a “handwritten” part of a design. The bottom line is that you want to turn your handwriting into a custom font. That’s where the online service, Font Capture, comes in to play. Here’s how it works:

  1. You download and print a PDF template from their site.
  2. You fill in the letters, numbers and symbols accordingly and scan it back into your computer.
  3. You upload the scanned image into the site, where they do their magic and then let you download your brand new font.

It’s simple, fast and the results are really good. They use high quality raster-to-vector algorithms and allow you to upload high quality scans (up to 6000 × 9000 px) to produce a professional True Type font. Best of all is that the service is free. That alone is a good enough reason to give it a try.

Your Fonts